Summers Goals! (Were they met?)

Tis the time when the glorious and infamous Summer Break comes to an end and the dreaded School Year begins. All those days lounging on my bed doing nothing but daydreaming have come to an end.

Ok. Enough with the dramatics! To answer the titles question, did I really do and accomplish nothing during my summer break? Spoiler alert I only accomplish most of my goals but I only set 3 but they were great accomplishments. Continue reading to see what they were and which 2 goals I met.

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Recent Not-So Recent Reads

SOOOO apparently we are in July already! Who knew? Not me. But you know what that means! NO SCHOOL! No exams to worry about and no assignments.

The past few months have been both a blur and a tortoise. Thankfully wasn’t as busy as the rest of the year. So why didn’t I read as much as I have in those busier months. A BIG FAT READING SLUMP or at least I think. I don’t know but I haven’t been motivated to read. It could be disappearing but only time will tell (It’s been months later since I originally drafted this post so I can honestly tell you that it is a reading slump and has not gone away)!

I’m going to start doing recent reads (in groups of 5 books) instead of monthly wrap-ups. I’ve seen this done on the BookTube community, mainly with Hailey in Bookland, and I like this format more because I feel like I don’t read enough per month to constitute a monthly wrap up. With that said, after this post I might move my goals and entertainment portion to their own posts.

With all this being said, let’s get into this Recent Reads!

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Lost in Translation #3

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Lost in Translations meme and I wanted to bring it back. Also school is no longer in session so I can finally focus on blogging and getting back the energy school had zapped from me 😂

So if you don’t remember how this goes or you’re new to LIT (if that’s the case, then hello!!) here’s a refresher:

We all know how bad Google Translate can be at it’s job so I thought…

How bad can Google mess up book titles?

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Blog Tour: The Sky Above Us by Natalie Lund +Giveaway

Thanks to Turn the Pages Tours and Philomel Books/Kaye Publishing for gifting me a finished copy for an honest review for this awesome blog tour!

Every time I try to type the title of this book I keep writing A Sky Beyond the Storm unintentionally. Now I’m paranoid I might have written that for other platforms I’ve talked about this book on. Now that I’ve talked about something completely off topic lets get back on topic and onto the review!

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Blog Tour: Infinity Court by Akemi Dawn Bowman + Giveaway!

Thanks to Turn the Pages Tours and Simon Pulse for gifting me an ARC and finished copy for an honest review on my first ever blog tour!

I read Akemi Dawn Bowman’s debut, Starfish last year and absolutely loved it. It was relatable, I loved the characters and it had great themes. So when I heard that she was coming out with a fantasy/ sci-fi novel, I was excited to read and review it. I’m glad to say The Infinity Courts did not disappoint!

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