Blog Tour: The Sky Above Us by Natalie Lund +Giveaway

Thanks to Turn the Pages Tours and Philomel Books/Kaye Publishing for gifting me a finished copy for an honest review for this awesome blog tour!

Every time I try to type the title of this book I keep writing A Sky Beyond the Storm unintentionally. Now I’m paranoid I might have written that for other platforms I’ve talked about this book on. Now that I’ve talked about something completely off topic lets get back on topic and onto the review!

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Monday’s Trivia #13

Another Monday another Monday’s Trivia. Wait? It’s Tuesday? Ok. Another Tuesday another late Monday’s Trivia. Sorry but who’s ready to see the winner? The person who knew our favourite Gaang, sky bison and lemur enough to win this trivia round!

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Blog Tour: Infinity Court by Akemi Dawn Bowman + Giveaway!

Thanks to Turn the Pages Tours and Simon Pulse for gifting me an ARC and finished copy for an honest review on my first ever blog tour!

I read Akemi Dawn Bowman’s debut, Starfish last year and absolutely loved it. It was relatable, I loved the characters and it had great themes. So when I heard that she was coming out with a fantasy/ sci-fi novel, I was excited to read and review it. I’m glad to say The Infinity Courts did not disappoint!

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Monday’s Trivia #10

DISCLAIMER UNRELATED TO THIS POST: I’m sorry that all I’ve been posting is Monday’s Trivia’s and Buzzletters. My website will post more than that in March for sure. In the wise words of Bruno Mars…

Back to regularly scheduled content as per usual… the Hunger Games! Who had the knowledge to survive and thrive in the Hunger Games Trivia Universe? It was a 3 way tie between:

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“Monday’s” Trivia #9 aka Late Trivia #2 (sorry guys!)

Last weeks Trivia was pretty hard! I’m not sure even I would have done well on it and I created the questions 😂 but who triumphed through them all…well that person is Abby @ Beyond the Read. She got the most questions correct! She also won for the last week and participated in a lot of them and for that I am very grateful but if you feel that you keep seeing the same people being shouted over and over, it’s because the same people keep playing. If you want to be shouted out among the winners, please play. It’s open for a week and sometimes longer…

So for this Monday’s Trivia, I am going to shout out everyone who played!

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